Poem of The Week #10 - Summer Rain

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Summer Rain

By: Sayeda Anjoom

Whenever it rains I feel so free
Do not rush for cover under a tree
I stroll along the empty streets
As the thunder loudly beats
Wind swirls and lightning splashes
Pittar patter rain-drops kiss my lashes
Maple, birch, pine and oak trees cry
Their roots are thirsty, leaves are dry
How magical is the summer rain
Pours from the clouds to allay heat-pain
Sails through the air with an ease
The sun baked planet earns release
Down on the roofs and dusty lanes
Clatters upon doors and window panes
A frightened thrush shrinks in the ferns
With the rain-shower comfort returns
The rain has a spell, all may not get
Some can feel,others just get wet
The pores of my skin unloose a sigh
My tears blend in rain, as I say it goodbye

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