Tree Mate (A Poem)

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Tree Mate

By: Sayeda Anjoom

Goodbye, oh my beloved tree
You mean so very much to me
Crawling down mother's lap-bed
Paced to embrace your tender shade
Compromising with the cradle's rock
Passing by the neighboring oak
Comforted in the swing that hung
Tickled by the  grass that sprung
Your green and yellow tiny leaves
Cooled me in the summer eves
Birds chirped from nests in your hair
Listened to the tales I had share
Bold, tall pines towered around
Loneliness here deep and sound
Flowers laughed aflame and gold
What a scene it is to behold
Marshmallow clouds travel away
Branches lifted to praise and pray
What is a wind did I know?
Witnessed him with your bow
Far-off stars up rolled past
I ran home alarmed and fast
Poems earth writes in the sky
With a tree-pen by and by
I shall remember autumn and spring
Treasure the songs I did sing!

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