Poem of the Week #7 - Green Pain

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Green Pain

By: Sayeda Anjoom

How could I be so broken
           Surrounded by this summer green
Why does my heart bleed
           Flashing back at distant scene
Chickadees sing unsung songs
           Banding with the buzz of bees
Squirrels play hide and seek
           Meandering through white oak trees
Wild flowers giggle in the grass
           Like a dazzling bay
Lonely violet rises among them
           Wrapped up in dismay
The silver lake lies still
           Holding tears of pain
Far-away heaven touches the earth
            Pouring showers of rain
I undo the latch of my heart
            Weeping strangles my voice
He called me his eternal love
            I was his only choice
Until we departed I never knew
            He means so much to me
No more he gives his hands 
            Stares with eyes like sea
How could I be so broken
            In this charm of festive mood
Amazingly lush and verdant
            Air filled with joy and good!   

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