Poem Of The Week #2

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Written by: LF (@allweknowislyds)

Your scent still clings to my skin
Like an infant to its mother
It envelopes me in a hug I no longer get
Takes me back to a place I long to forget
A past time, a past me
A me I no longer to wish to see
Another you, and alternate me
Is all that’s left for us to be
And now we are a distant memory
With a different end to a different story
We no longer talk, we no longer speak
All we now do is reminisce, when we used to sit and kiss
My heart still jumps when I hear your name
My stomach sinks when I see your face
As I went one way, you another
Found ourselves with separate lovers
Separate lives, and separate hearts
We all deserve our new starts
But I miss your kiss, I miss your touch
I miss what I began to love so much
And I begin a new path
Alone, Without another
I’ll be alright, and I’ll be okay
There’s always another way

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