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By: Debbie Billingsley

I know where I'm heading
It's been a long time coming
I've trodden many paths
I've backtracked many times
I've taken wrong turns
And I've gotten lost on numerous occasions
But I haven't stopped moving
I've walked
I've ran
I've flown
And by God 
I've crawled to almost a stop
But I carried on
Even when I've bled
Even when I've truly wanted
To just lay down and die
The voice in my head
You know the one
We all have it
Kept at me
And at me
Move damn it
I told it
Leave me alone
I've had enough
But no
It wouldn't shut up
It wouldn't leave me alone
So I gave in
To the voice
I was tired
I was weary
And the realization of it was
The voice
It was me
It is me
I was fighting myself
So I stopped
I spoke to that voice
I thanked it
I thanked myself
For never giving up
Am I there yet?
No, far from it
But for now
I'm enjoying the scenery

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