Cooper Woods

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Written by: Debbie Billingsly

Sunday night dressed to thrill
The pub was full
Atmosphere charged
I lose myself on the dance floor
Music pulsating in perfect rhythm
The tunes hypnotic
The dancing infectious
I'm feeling sensual sexual erotic
Oh... who's that over there
From the corner I sense his glare
I didn't notice him before, I'm sure
His clothes, his hair falling loosely over his eyeliner-ed stare
I'm trapped, I'm caught, I'm his for sure
I can't help but look his way once more
Oh he has me... yeah it's true
Dark and mysterious
lustful through and through
I'm dressed to thrill I'm dressed for him
He knows this and he smiles... Oh, he smiles!!
No it can't be... he's not real.
Please smile again...
I will it, I wish it, I want that smile
YES... Oh dear Lord those devilish teeth... Mmmm
What's your name?
No I don't want to know
I don't care
I want you
I want those eyes
I want that stare
I want that body
I want those teeth biting into me
It's time to leave
Our minds are one
No words needed... none
He bites
I bleed
He fucks
I scream
He takes
I give
Both consenting to the need
Among the trees 
On muddy ground
Our desires met
Our fantasies found
We went over the edge
We went to heaven
We went to hell


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