We Are All Sour Patch Kids Whether You Like It Or Not

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     We are Sour Patch Kids; We are the not so favorable orange ones, we are the savory red ones, we are the under-advertised yet unparalleled blue ones in a bag of many. We come enclosed in a packaging of multiple forms of what we are. We suck. We're decent. We're great. We're "Holy shit! Fuck me sideways that's incredible." But we are, in fact, all of those things. Which one of you do you hate? The yellow ones? The orange? Oh, no. Maybe the green? Whichever the case, don't you just wish you could get rid of all the "yous" that you dislike so much. Or wouldn't you just like to always, only, and forever be the red Sour Patch Kid? Or the blue or both?
     If you could purchase a bag of just red and blue Sour Patch Kids, would you? You'd love it if you were only the parts of you that you enjoyed, correct? Hell, why wouldn't you? Most others would enjoy you as well, the only thing is... They don't have a specialty bag exclusively of savory reds and unparalleled blues. However, that doesn't stop you from buying a bag. You may not like yourself; you may not like yourself a lot or nearly at all, but that doesn't stop you from waking up and trudging through the day; trudging through life. You may not fully like yourself but you are generous enough to share yourself with others [friends]. You still draw every day or sing every day or blog or do something that simply makes you red or blue.
     But then, you realize if you put time into it and invested in enough bags of sour patch kids and were patient by not consuming any of the red and blue ones, and simply eating all of the other colors or even sharing those that are less savory with others, (Don't want them to go to waste do we?) that you can easily make your own bag exclusively of reds and blues. Yes, that is correct friends, if you invest in yourself you can reach a point where only the parts of you that you enjoy exist. You're drawing ability has increased tenfold, or your writing is being recognized by people around the world, or your blog is being tweeted about by Lana Del Rey. You realize that your depression is starting to fade or your extra weight doesn't matter so much. You're so happy and worried about maintaining that red and blue bag so you continue to invest. And while you continue to expand your bag of perfections you eat a few yellows and greens here and there. You continue to give the remaining unsavory Sour Patch Kids to those around you just so you can maintain that bag of bests. In other words, you're still battling depression but you scream it into your artwork to give it emotion. You're still uncomfortable with your body but in your mind your powerful singing voice makes up for it and the louder you sing you hope it means the less people will worry about what you look like. You're afraid to share your sexual orientation with your parents so you create characters in your stories in the same situation as you, yet you give them a way out. You fight all of the aspects of you that you aren't fond of and maintain or even strengthen the parts of you that you do like.

     But wait! What's this? You want to lay off the yellows, oranges and greens entirely? But why? Oh, I see; you're ready to enjoy those reds and blues alone, you've got a pretty great collection going on. It's wonderful isn't it? You've finally and completely given your all to the better half of yourself. You're creating, you're doing all the things that make you red and blue, but you notice something: It's not as great as you thought. You eat some red today, some blue tomorrow, and it is still pretty good, just not great. Half way through the bag the red and blue are actually starting to taste the same and you're just not understanding where it's all gotten boring. What are you missing? *snaps fingers* Eureka! Yellows, oranges, and greens. But they're so unfavorable by nearly everyone and you hate those, right? Then you think about it, over the time you've spent investing in yourself, you've been eating those yellows, those oranges, those greens. You've been sharing your yellow self, your orange self, and your green self with others as well and you realize they never really minded. They were just happy you shared a part of you with them. You realize your favorite Sour Patch Kids aren't so amazing without the ones you don't like too much simply because you wouldn't even have been able to identify them as your favorites without your least favorites existing. You can't discover what you like about yourself until you realize what you dislike. Then you truly appreciate what makes you red and blue. It's You. It's Yellow, It's Green, It's Orange. You are, in fact, all those things. You've come to realize that the you that is not red and blue is actually not too bad and is what makes you red and blue. But not only that, it makes the red and blue you pretty damn good. And you realize everyone else you've shared yourself with actually like your yellow, orange, and green self. And if they can, then why can't you?

     Moral of the story is we are all sour patch kids whether you like it or not. There's no specialty bag of reds and blues. The bags come as is. Accept it. Continue to purchase and eat them in their entirety. They're better that way.

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