The Tree

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Written by: Debbie Billingsley

I close my eyes and drift away
I open my mind, my thoughts go astray
But I know where they're going
Because I've been there before

My special place of peace
My tree, on a hill by the shore
Of a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains
With waterfalls tumbling down from the rocks
I look up to the sky and see all the beauty
Birds of all kinds soaring high in their flocks

I sit at the foot of that magical willow
Rest my head on the trunk which I use as my pillow
The grass feels so soft, it's so green and so lush
The smell of the flowers give my senses a rush

My body is relaxed, I feel light as a feather
This wonderful hideaway has constant warm weather
I take in the views, the peace and tranquility
Meditation is the key that has given me the ability

To travel here to this place of mine
And allow me to heal and help me feel fine
I stay as long as my concentration allows
But return I must and disappointment soon follows

I wish I could stay in those wondrous surroundings
My soul-mate and I were discovered there as foundlings
We were separated and lost one another as centuries passed on
Our outer selves forgot but our souls remembered we were always one
Then one day in this lifetime, something special did happen
He found me at my place that I go to so often...

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