New Year, New Us!

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     Let us first start off by saying, "Hello fellow writers and TWN supporters and Happy New Year." We are pleased to introduce our new 'minimal design'. It seems 2015 will be the year of the minimalist, and we're taking full advantage of the trend. This year will be completely different than the last because one fails to progress if s/he stays the same, correct? We intend to progress and grow, and that is exactly what we WILL do.

     Here at TWN we are always looking to expand, whether it's a quick submission via the "Contact Us!!" Page, or a full on dedicated member of the blog to be able to post at their own convenience of course. We will be trying our best to stick to a quota and set schedule of posting which is still TBD, but we refuse to disappoint. TWN: A Creative Writer's Haven is now much more than that. Now we will be bringing a very fresh, fun view of our worlds with witty banter and quirky upbeat updates on the world of the Indie Writer. We promise to continue to bring our [almost] trademark style of writings we've been delivering: The dramatic, the real, the hard hitting, the romance. We're still going to bring those short stories that pluck the heartstrings, bringing you through the life of struggling teens in life imitating situations. We'll continue to share those poems that carry that feel of classic Oscar Wilde style Literature. However, We're only going to get better. Here at The Wanted Needs, the writings of 2015 will revolve around positivity, fighting for a cause, and simply just.. getting.. better!

     Also, TWN will not only be focusing on our own creative writers, but creative writers from all over the world. We have our social networks up and running and we look to support all fellow indie authors, other writer's blogs, and newly self published and professionally represented books. You can find book reviews here coming soon and so much more.

     Get ready for the new and improved TWN . 2 ! We're starting the new year with a BANG! We'll let our words do the talkin' ! 

Happy New Year,

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