The Ugly Truth

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One of my favorite movies is The Ugly Truth. It’s great to indulge in the fantasy of meeting a person completely opposite you that drives you insane so much that the lines between love and insanity become one. Isn’t that what everyone’s low key looking for anyways? You can’t deny that you either have an optimistic Katherine Heigl view on love or a completely pessimistic view like Gerard Butler. I myself take on the Gerard Butler view. But to be perfectly blunt, the truth is ugly. If you find love consider yourself the lucky one. We all like to believe after watching these romantic comedies that love will always find its way to us. That person you met that changed your life and stole your heart and still hasn’t given it back is probably never coming back with it. I think by now you all know that life isn’t some romance movie. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to-die-for romantic moments and passionate salacious sex. It just means that you might not end up with the person that took over your heart. The person who you could see being a part of your life forever. The only person you WANT to spend your life with forever. That also doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. You don’t need anyone but yourself to be happy. But the ugly truth does and will leave you with an insatiable desire for something missing in your life. The one.

Close to the end of the movie Katherine and Gerard have a steamy make out in the elevator of the Hotel. They both head to their rooms after and, on impulse, Gerard heads back to her with the realization that he wants to have sex with her tonight and for every night to come (HA). With the bad timing of Katherine’s check-list approved boyfriend arriving just as Gerard knocks on the door, all courage he had to say what he felt was gone. And he left. See, if that was in real life the movie would’ve more than likely ended right about there. But it’s a movie, I mean we have to live our fantasies vicariously somehow. They happen to meet again and he tells her he’s in love with her, she kisses him, they’re happily ever after in love. Bullshit. That very rarely happens in our day to day lives. I’m not saying it’s impossible I’m just saying it’s not likely. In real life that person that has touched you, physically and emotionally, like no other will most likely leave and not come back. Or maybe you leave with the thought that they’ll chase you if they really love you. Let’s say they don’t come after you. And in your mind it’s because they don’t love you. But they probably do, they probably think about you all the time. But they’re afraid. Isn’t that essentially one of the deep rooted reasons you left? As humans most of our mistakes come from our fear of things. This isn’t meant to break down any hope you had or build up your hope to make you think you’ll be one of the few lucky ones. It’s simple. If you love someone, tell them. If you can’t stop thinking about someone, tell them. 

You will have your heart broken at some point and you may not end up with the person you always thought you would. Don’t live in fear. Something amazing may come out of the biggest pains in your life. You may not end up with the person you’re in love with but at least you met them and you had them in your life at one point. And maybe if you stop living in fear you’ll never have to think about “the one that got away” because they’ll be right by your side forever. The ugly truth is simple; let go of the fear.
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