To My Ex Best Friend (poem)

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You think you're so darn clever,

You think, "She's met her match".

You think you've finally shut me out,

And secured the sturdy latch.

You think you're such a victim,

You think you're so oppressed,

When you're the one that's stabbing me,

Both in the back and chest.

You think that you're a winner,

You think you've got them fooled.

You think my friends a kingdom,

That you've conquered for to rule.

You think you're just so special,

You think you've really changed,

You think you've grown, and have matured...

think that you're deranged.

You think you're in the right...

You think I'm in the wrong.

You think that I have been a jerk,

A bully, for so long...

You think that I'm a sinner,

You think that you're a saint.

You think that you are spotless...

My dear, I think you ain't.

You think that you can do this,

And expect I'll just bow down.

You think my steady, cheerful smile,

Is hiding a defeated frown.

You think I actually care,

You think I'm real torn up.

You think that I'm a loser...

I think you should shut up.

You think you've got me on my knees,

You think you'll hear me beg.

You think that I will grovel,

That you'll shake me from your leg.

You think that I've no pride,

You think I have no class.

You think my mind is paper,

And all my feelings glass.

You think that you're the queen here,

You think that I'm the troll.

You think that they all love you...

think that THAT'S just droll!

You think you are the head now,

That you can run the show!

You think I'm in your circus!

You think that I don't know!

You think that you're the ruler,

Of the contents of my heart.

You think that I was rotten,

And horrid, from the start...

You think you cannot trust me,

You think I caused this fight...

think I would be lying,

If I said that you were right...!

You can just take him.

Take him from my side.

You think that he will listen,

To the fake words you confide.

You think I will just sit there,

Watching while I stew...

You think you'll actually succeed!

That he'll happily go with you!

But if somehow you do succeed...

In taking him away...

The thing that I most definitely think...

Is there will be Hell to pay.

by Emily Davis

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