Heroine Bliss

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A poem inspired by the famous couple from Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. 

An unforeseen kiss
Dwindles between stars
Crossing each other at odds
Underestimating the power that
Love commands

Indifference and cowardice
Both lovers consumed 
Vanity forsaken and 
Prejudice mistaken 
Arrogance, selfishness, falsities 
Humble, selflessness, truths
The tables turn 
And spin 
And stop.

Heroine personified
Lizzy, dear, what a damsel in distress
You are
That a man like Darcy could 
Whisper through the walls held
Against him 
Words intricately threaded on the
Letters he wrote you,
A change of heart-- 
A softened mind--
A swift and vulgar uprising 
Of lover's potent tongue
The guilt and regret
Of a foolish vane girl
Gallops between thoughts and 
Miseries unseen 

Pride is weakened by 
A prejudice kiss
Which will seal the war of star 
Crossed lovers in classes preserved 
Universal expectations of 
A femme fatale, but 
Love drowns them 
Blissfully, into vows 
'Til death do them part 

The unexpected reality that
Blind love had conquered her,
Indefinitely in her sanity 
The implicit kiss had awakened
Any opposition of judgement lay
Upon Darcy like a vulgar king
On his throne 
The end was a beginning
When all pride and prejudice 
Had sunk in their veins to feel 
Dismantling his curtain of rubies
And breaking through her heart of steel

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