Happy Holidays!

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    That Time of Year!

    Merry Christmas, Chag Chanukah Sameach, and Heri za Kwanzaa Everybody! No matter your culture or beliefs, it's that time of year again: The Holidays! Americans are still fighting on Black Friday and money is being spent faster than Scrooge McDuck could say Bah Humduck! Break out the candy canes and fruitcakes. 


     When people think of the Holidays they think of the gifts, the time off from school and work, and the stories behind the holiday. It's always nice to be able to sit back, have a glass of eggnog and watch some holiday movies with the family. My personal favorite is baking the Pillsbury holiday cookies while my dad prepares a fire in the fireplace as the radio plays our favorite holiday hits! Here at TWN we're curious to know what your favorite holiday experiences or memories are. Maybe it's when your family gathers around the table to place your ancestral cloth, lay the mkeka, place the mishumaa saba in the kinara and light a candle. Possibly lighting the Menorah? Or what about trimming the Christmas tree? What's your favorite holiday tradition? Let us know and we'll post it on the blog. Give the world a chance to learn a thing or two about your culture.


     Here's probably one of the most well-loved aspects of the holidays: The Food. I could smell the whole chicken baking in the oven (not that a vegetarian like me could eat that) and The Sugar cookies are baking in the oven. The table is set with festive red and green dinnerware and Louis Armstrong's rendition  of Winter Wonderland is playing through the radio. The ham is accompanied by pineapple, the rice and buttered rolls await on the table, and the Eggnog is spiked (okay maybe not. it doesn't need to be, it's already awesome). I Love food, but during the holidays the food is just a bit more enjoyable. What does your family cook for the holidays? How do you like your holiday latkes and rugelach? Leave a comment below if you'd like! I'd love to try it some time (that's for sure!).

What's on Your Holiday Playlist?

     I must say the best way to get a feel for a holiday is by listening to it's music. I personally Love "Christmas Time is Here" by Vince Guaraldi Trio (Probably most commonly heard in "A Charlie Brown Christmas"). If you love the holidays then you love holiday music. It's what can bring the family together when singing together. It can tell the stories of your ancestors or the origins of the holidays. Most importantly, it can set the mood for a very happy holiday and what better way to end your year than with a smile? What's your favorite holiday song? Leave a comment below if you'd like to share. Enjoy the time with your family, indulge in the food, and sing along to some holiday music. Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year to you as well from the writers at The "Wanted" Needs!

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