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Roscoe's Wetsuit

         Servers are crashing! The Industry is confused! The World is ENDING! Okay maybe not but life as you know it will not be the same after reading this . . . I promise (whatever that means to the world). Okay You're confused right? Roscoe's Wetsuit!? Industrial confusion?! What is going on? Donald Glover is going on. He's been working on something very special for his fans and for the expansion in his career and expression of his "personalities".  According to Donald, also known as Childish Gambino in the music world, "I'm not having a personality crisis. More like a personality burst." And trust me, CG is definitely bursting with personality. Writer, actor, rapper/singer, comedian, producer, artist, genius, Donald Glover, is Impacting the world in ways most rappers honestly couldn't imagine. However Donald isn't a rapper; He's an artist. A Visionary. A Creator. Oh and if you're curious as to what Roscoe's Wetsuit is, Tweet CG and he may respond and let you know.

Because The Internet: More Than An Album

       Today is a special day for CG. His new Album Because The Internet was released today. Though he was told that December wasn't the best time to release an album but he digressed. "Kids would have all their Christmas money and stuff" According to Donald. "It's the perfect time to drop an album." While your ears are occupied by listening to the album, there's some content to look at as well; a whole 72 pages of it actually. There is an entire screenplay set to the album. If you don't have the money to buy the album and you're interested in reading the screenplay, it can be found here. It's the official website of the screenplay and Gambino posted (basically) every song from the album cued when here. It's called Clapping For the Wrong Reasons and it blew me away the first few times i watched it. Childish is not disappointing his fans whatsoever.
ou are to read it after and/or during specific sections of the screenplay. I say, before the screenplay is officially released, you read it, you'll get more out of it that way. OH YEAH and be sure to check out the Prelude to the  screenplay also written produced, directed, and featuring Donald. It's free on YouTube but i should warn you... it's pretty weird. You can watch it

Because the Internet: The Album

     The album is probably [one of] the greatest albums I have listened to. (The effect of the album cover found to the right is what you actually get when you purchase the album. It's holographic.)  He delivers the first quarter of the album with some pretty amazing songs where he delivers great beats with nostalgic vibes and hits you with rapid fire flows of different dimensions. He sticks to the theme of internet's impact on the world with Worldstar as the third track on the album. The midway point of the album he begins to transition with an aggressive, creative, "more than rap" feel to the album with some mellow interlude like transitions of him playing piano before a party.. trust me, it really sets the tone. Third Quarter of the album is by far my favorite. CG showcases his singing skills and completely 180's the album. It's more than Rap. That portion of the album contains my favorite song Flight of the Navigator. it also consists of Donald's personal favorite track from the album Urn. according to iTunes, I listened to Urn 135 times. It's amazing. Fourth quarter is crunch time right? Gambino takes the win with this one. He has Jhene Aiko featuring in the last portion of the album, you can also catch her in the screenplay as well. He talks about some pretty real topics considering the surreal feel of the album and screenplay. If you're a fan of CG i suggest you Buy The Album! If you aren't.... Buy The Album. Things are changing in the music/film industry. Donald Glover is one of the reasons for it. The Album is in stores now. You can also find it in the iTunes store Here!
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