knotch: say it in color.

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          Knotch? Has anyone heard of it? If not, then you should. Anyone with a strong opinion can thrive in the knotch community. Even I was the third top knotcher in the world at one point (And right when i thought i was a nobody, I'm granted 3rd top knotcher. Yay Me!) . Now I'll admit: it isn't as visually appealing as tumblr, or as flashy as Instagram, but it makes a heavy impact in the social networking community. knotch is an amazing app available on any smartphone and it gives everyone a chance to be heard.

           Unlike most founders, Anda Gansca & Stephanie Volfstun (The Founders of knotch of course) are very heavily involved with the app. Not only do they "knotch" themselves, but they are interactive with the users. They aren't just The Founding Fathers (or in this case... Mothers) they are the first followers you have and the first people you follow on the app. You actually get to know who they are!!! I mean that's pretty exciting considering the fact that when i started blogging on tumblr, before yahoo took over, I had no idea David Karp was the owner. (btw we miss you David!) However, when you start knotching, you're welcomed, and basically walked through the basic first steps of the app. Talk about "Top Knotch" customer service eh?

         Okay Okay I've ranted about how awesome the app is. Naturally. I guess I should get started on what you actually do on this app. knotch is unlike any app you'll ever come across. You'll find topics ranging from something as serious as the government shutting down to the daily and probably most commonly knotched about: "What are you listening to right now?". How do you feel about those topics? Hot or Cold? Why do I ask? Because that's exactly what you do; which is where the "Say it in color" slogan sparks from. Then give your opinion on why you feel that way. Pretty simple, Right? Which is exactly why it's addicting. Anybody remember Doodle Jump? if you've never checked out the knotch app I say give it a shot and if you're super skeptical then well... check out the site Here. It's worth a shot. Happy Knotching.

 +R. T. Scott

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